Personal : Barbie Impact.

How many of you girls out there remembered the times you played with Barbie dolls?As much as I used to love this Mattel product, I think there are few factors that gives positive and negative impact towards young girls today. When I was a little girl, I owned only 2 of this dolls whereas my friends owned many box of it.

I felt ashamed of myself by only tagging along the 2 dolls with the same outfit everytime during our play-time together. I used to be friends with girls that came from expatriates family who some of them celebrate Halloween every year, during Halloween we wore costumes and so does our dolls we chose to take out on a trick-or-treat night.

Everytime I asked my mum to buy a halloween outfit for the doll, mum would be like-" Nak buat apa? Mahal lah! satu costume dia dah nak RM30, dengan RM30 kau boleh buat macam-macam. Tak payah lah, cuba fikir cara lain, jangan tahu nak BELI je."I was heart-broken.

And so I came down to meet my friends with my 'couture' Barbie outfit I made myself. I gave the name MUMMIFIED COUTURE. The fabric material made of 100% ripped toilet roll. Some laugh, some was just sarcastically compliments them.Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn!

Apart from the dolls came in an expensive price tag on a pink box, the doll itself teaches little girls the 'material world for the material girl'. I think you understand what I mean by that COMPLETELY. I don't remember seeing barbie dolls in an un-wealthy version next to the filthy rich bling-bling costumized barbie, do you?

While I was watching the Oprah Winfrey's Show the other day, I learned that there is a Barbie Store in Shanghai that opened on 6th March 2009. The building was more like you entered the Barbie doll packaging.

 Barbie Store in Shanghai.

One of the reporter interviewed little girls at the store and most of them wants to have physical features like Barbie such as big eyes and the super model height.When you heard people saying that the cosmetic surgery market in China is huge, you all should know why by now.

 Barbie look a like.need surgery?

Co-CEO Kueh Tart.

*Barbie is not to be wronged at. She's is just a mankind creation.
*Human should have their mentality changed and learn to appreciate their looks.


*actually barbie itu not to scale lahh..kan..kan..kann?
*Aku terasa macam blog kuehtart dah transgender ke apa entah.haha..peace.Starrocker seorang perempuan okey!