Blogosphere : Why Kueh Tart?

Some people believe,if your blog still not well known,your name still not established among  other bloggers,dont you ever dream to make a tribute about your blog,as people would like to know and care what you are blogging about,what is your intention in blogging..Does it make sense that u can't tell people about it??

Does it means that all the amatures will remain amature while all the infamous blogger never begin from amature?does it make us newbies are inadequate to spread to others blogger about our blog?I  really hope some day when people talk about kueh tart,the thing that will pop out from their mind won't be the infamous cookies only..

There will be one more thing that came out from that name and obviously it is my own blog, KuehTart.. Anyway,I do love the name Kueh Tart.So I used it as my blog's name.I wish u could see,the name itself is kind a combination between traditional(Kueh) and modern(Tart) words..(read : for me lahh)..It also like representing myself.

 I love to combine things that has diffrences between them because I do belive,similarity can't be together as well.It is true.Similarity doesn't meant suitability.One day,when I get my very own daughters,I would love to give their name with this example,like Melor Melissa,Mawar Maria,Dahlia Derina,Kemboja Qistina..

CEO Kueh Tart.

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